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Meet Sneha

Head Brand Strategist & Designer

I was born and brought up in a very creative environment in a small north-eastern town in India. Art & creativity was my first language. I spent the first 16 years of my life participating in various cultural and creative events - art & painting competitions, music competitions, creative summer camps and helping other kids with their creative projects. ​I continued my creative journey and graduated as a Fashion Designer from one of the top design schools of the country, National Institute of Fashion Technology where I learned about the design process and polished my illustration and graphic skills.

I moved to France in 2018 with a dream of continuing my entrepreneurial journey. After completing my Master’s degree in Design and Luxury Brand Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management with a distinction, I am so thankful to finally start my journey as a Designer and Strategist, and have been working on various Brand Design and Web Design projects with start-ups, solopreneurs and emerging businesses in France, USA, India and worldwide

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Typography - important element of Brand Design

brand & design VALUES

We help brands lay their foundation with a solid and defined branding. We specialise in brand strategy, brand identity development, brand guidebook that includes logo, typography, colour palette, image guideline and brand voice. We work with aesthetics and functionality. We believe in an approach of connecting good brand strategy with good creativity. Keeping your identity at the heart of my approach we craft elegant, trendy, and user centric website designs. Blending both art and design we draw inspiration from everything around us and align with the values of our clients. 

Sneha's words

I emotionally connect your brand with your customers.

I draft a brand strategy that is unique to you.

I create wow experiences for your  brand.

We like to work with people and brands who values aesthetics, gets motivated by good design and trusts a designer.

Our clients call on us for ease in communication, efficiency, and punctuality.

What can we do for you?




From brainstorming ideas to defining a eye-catching brand identity, we will take care of the entire design process to establish a unique brand image & identity for your brand.




Based on your brand identity and values, we will design and build an efficient, user-centric and visually appealing website that will help to boost your brand and enhance your brand's digital presence.

High-performing and

quick delivery.




We will help you define a winning brand strategy to create an ever-lasting impact in the minds of your customers.

This includes the brand's value, market position, purpose, vision,

ideal customer, and more



We will create engaging visual graphics & components to make your brand stand out and attract your dream audience. Charts, illustrations, social media posts, email templates - name it all.


Fun Facts 

Sneha Fun facts.jpg
  1. I bake amazingly delicious cupcakes. I bet if you taste once, you would come back for more. 🧁

  2. I am a trained Indian Classical Singer (want to hear me sing? Ring me up) 😜

  3. I get super restless if I don't get to travel every 2 weeks. 🗺️

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