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About Sneha Paul

Painter & Sculptor

Born in the serene hills of Shillong, Meghalaya, India, in 1991, I discovered my passion for art long before words found their way into my world. A self-taught artist, I embraced painting and drawing as my earliest form of expression. Following my heart, I pursued a Bachelors of Design from a renowned institution in India, allowing me to delve deeper into the diverse realms of artistry.

Throughout my journey, I explored various artistic avenues, from fashion and brand design to graphic creation, infusing art into every facet of my life. Currently nestled in a small town surrounded by the breathtaking French Alps in France, I found my haven for artistic creation. In 2020, after a 15-year hiatus, I rediscovered my true love for painting, aspiring to transform this passion into my sole and dedicated vocation.

Behind the work

Throughout my artistic journey, my paintings have become a haven—a sanctuary where I find solace and a canvas to unveil the often-overlooked beauty inherent in the mundane. Inside my studio, I escape the frantic pace of the world, seeking to channel the chaos into moments of serenity and beauty. Each stroke and layer of paint not only conveys my artistic vision but encapsulates the profound emotions that drive my creative spirit.

The essence of my work lies in inviting viewers to appreciate the simple treasures found in our surroundings, offering a pause from the ceaseless hustle of life.


I aim to weave emotions, textures, and vibrant colors into a tapestry that reflects the deep connection I feel with the world.


My mission is to inspire others to join me on this journey of discovering solace in art, unveiling the extraordinary within the ordinary, to find beauty in the imperfections. Through my paintings, I hope to instill a sense of serenity and a deeper appreciation for the inherent beauty that surrounds us, serving as a reminder that even amid the chaos, beauty can be embraced and shared.

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Color Paint Palette

Artist Statement

Embracing a contemporary artistic approach, my creations delve into diverse subjects, encompassing landscapes, nature, people, and the essence of my immediate surroundings. With a focus on eliciting the emotional depth within life forms, my art evolves as a vibrant interplay of color, texture, and depth. I deliberately forgo intricate details, favoring an emphasis on the overall emotional impact of my subjects.

My artistic style mirrors abstract impressionism, employing short, visible paint dabs and multiple layers to convey the emotional and sensory impressions drawn from the world. While acrylic remains my primary medium, I seamlessly integrate various mixed media to enrich the texture and depth of my pieces. I draw inspiration from the belief that beauty resonates within every facet of existence, from nature's magnificence to the complexity of human forms and the intensity of thunderstorms to the depths of our consciousness.

My work is a reflection of the profound connection I hold with the world, serving as a conduit to connect individuals with their inner selves. In a world defined by relentless movement, my work extend an invitation to pause, appreciate the inherent beauty of our surroundings, and discover solace and tranquility within life's simplest treasures. Through my art, I aspire to inspire a rekindled appreciation for the world we inhabit and encourage a deeper connection to the beauty present in every corner of our existence.

" My art is a testament to the belief that within the simplest of moments lies an entire universe of beauty waiting to be discovered, urging us to pause, cherish, and find solace in life's inherent treasures."

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