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"Yellow Blanket" ~ The French countryside is an absolute marvel in every season, don't you agree? Yet, early spring in the Alps region holds a unique allure! Imagine fields adorned in a vibrant tapestry of yellow rapeseed flowers, stretching endlessly—a sight that's truly unparalleled.


"Yellow Blanket" draws its inspiration from this picturesque panorama. It features a quaint farmhouse, adorned with a charming red roof, nestled against a backdrop of cloudy skies. And, of course, it embraces the essence of that lush, golden carpet of flowers, weaving a story of tranquility and nature's splendid beauty.

Signed at the back.

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Yellow Blanket


15 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in)

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