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Contemporary Abstract Impressionist painter & sculptor

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Art for every occasion

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Artistic Calendar

A visual journey through captivating landscapes! Each month unfolds a new travel-inspired vista depicted in abstract impressionism, featuring 12 selected paintings that breathe life into every page.

New Originals

Rhapsody of Colours

Sneha Paul - The Green Summer.jpg

"Rhapsody of Colors" is an evocative collection that celebrates the symphony of vibrant hues, weaving a tale of emotion, expression, and vivacity on canvas.


Each piece within this collection embodies a kaleidoscope of shades, capturing the essence of life's myriad experiences and emotions. From the gentle whispers of greens to the bold crescendos of blues, this collection invites you into a world where colors dance, breathe life, and paint stories that resonate with the soul.


Explore this enchanting anthology where every stroke, every blend, narrates a unique melody, offering a visual feast that celebrates the sheer beauty and power of colors.

Autumnal Mélange

Welcome to the 'Autumnal Mélange' collection, a captivating portrayal of the enigmatic beauty found in landscapes and marshes during the fall season. These paintings artfully capture the essence of autumn through a rich array of browns, oranges, and burnt sienna hues, reflecting the melancholic yet mysterious aura of the season.

Each painting is a masterful interplay of delicate to bold brush strokes and palette knife techniques, skillfully blending texture and emotions. The gloomy, yet intriguing atmosphere depicted in these pieces evokes a sense of depth and contemplation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the unique charm of autumn's melancholy.


Explore this collection to discover the alluring tapestry of nature's transition and experience the emotional depth woven into each canvas.


Hi, I am Sneha, a France-based artist, dedicated to capturing the essence of life through my unique approach to painting. My subjects are diverse and encompass landscapes, nature, people, and everything in my immediate surroundings.


Through my art, I aim to depict life forms as a vibrant tapestry of color, texture, and depth. I intentionally bypass intricate details in favor of encapsulating the overall emotional impact of my subjects.

Sneha Paul .jpg

Embracing the beauty of imperfections &
capturing moments in time, each painting a mirror to the emotions of the human experience.

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Discover an exclusive collection of original artworks available for purchase in various sizes. Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, showcasing the artist's distinctive style, vision & inspiration. Explore and acquire these original paintings to bring an exceptional touch of artistry into your space.

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