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"Sunset N°1"


What does this painting evoke for you? Is it a reflection, a depiction of chaos, a fusion of warmth and coldness, or simply the play of light? This abstract landscape entwines vibrant sunset hues with a radiant blue sky, casting its reflection upon the water's surface.In this artistic creation, interpretations diverge. Some may see a mirroring of emotions, a juxtaposition of opposing forces, while others may find tranquility in the vivid and contrasting elements. It's an abstract portrayal where the brilliance of the sunset's colors collides with the serene blues, merging into a visual symphony that resonates uniquely with each observer.

Signed at the back.

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

The Sunset N°1

225,00 €Prix

16 x 24 cm (6.2 x 9.4 in)

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