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"Doorway to the Mountain"

Venturing for a wild camping escapade with my husband, seeking solace from the summer's scorching heat, I stumbled upon a captivating facet of the French Alps. In summer, these mountains shed their verdant attire, revealing a rugged, untamed beauty. This painting breathes life from that awe-inspiring landscape.


Inspired by the verses of a poignant poem, "I Know a Vale," this artwork finds resonance with a hidden vale nestled amidst the embracing hills—a serene refuge waiting to be discovered. It's a portrayal of that cool and shaded gateway, an invitation to delve deeper into the heart of the mountains. A testament to the majestic allure and tranquil splendor that adorns these picturesque landscapes.


"I Know a vale where I would go one day,

When June comes back and

all the world once more Is glad with summer.

Deep in shade it lies

A mighty cleft between the bosoming hills,

A cool dim gateway to the mountains' heart."


Signed at the back.

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Doorway to the Mountain

225,00 €Prix

16 x 24 cm (6.2 x 9.4 in)

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