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"Dancing Forest" is a tribute to the breathtaking autumnal hues that envelop nature in a vibrant tapestry of colors. 🍁🍂 Immersed in the captivating transformation of leaves adorned in gold, crimson, and amber, I found inspiration in the ever-changing beauty of this season. The crisp air and the gentle rustle of leaves compose a symphony of change, a spectacle that's both enchanting and comforting. Through each deliberate brushstroke, I aimed to encapsulate the spirited essence of this season, celebrating nature's artistry and the joy it brings. This piece is a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant spirit of autumn's dance.

Signed at the back.

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Dancing Forest

195,00 €Prix

15 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in)

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