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This is where I present various design work on editorials and marketing/commercial design

A collection of various editorial design projects ranging from photography books to biography books, articles, menu design, brand product catalogue, leaflets, promotion flyers and brand commercials

The aim of the photography portfolio book - Into the White was to design the book interiors and the book cover. A sense of calm, peace and serenity is what the photographer wanted to bring to this book. 

Just me, Again is a biography book where the author narrates her struggle after a loss and how she found a life again. The aim was to design a book cover that would signify hope, re-birth and joy

Product and service flyers, catalogue and newsletter design for companies to share its values directly to its customers.

The menu design was for a wedding where my client wanted a chic and luxurious menu.
The heading "Menu" was gilded in gold to add a pinch of sophistication to the event.

wedding Menu design
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